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  Non-resident businesses supplying remote services
Since 1 October 2016 non-resident businesses meeting the GST registration criteria are expected to charge and return GST on any remote (including online) services they supply to customers who reside in New Zealand.
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  Electronic signatures standard now available
This standard provides guidelines on the use of electronic signatures on documentation and information provided to Inland Revenue and describes the circumstances in which Inland Revenue accepts documentation and information under an electronic signature.
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  Audio of a phishing scam claiming to be Inland Revenue
New Zealanders are warned about a spate of scam phone callers pretending to be from Inland Revenue and trying to recover unpaid taxes.
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  Introduction to business videos
IRD developed a series of videos to help you when you are going in to business for yourself.
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  An introduction into the field of bookkeeping
An introduction into the field of accounts for people without an accounting background. In other words, it is for beginners or those needing a quick refresher. You will be made familiar with important bookkeeping and accounting terms. Each accounting topic includes a clear explanation, reinforcing quizzes, Q&A, crosswords, dictionary of terms, etc.
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  Tax rules for buying and selling property
Did you know there are tax issues you need to consider if you’re thinking about selling, or have already sold, a property you bought ”off the plan”?
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  Changes to KiwiSaver and superannuation for individuals
The changes announced mainly involve a reduction to the Government's tax credit contribution to KiwiSaver.
Find out more about KiwiSaver changes in 2012 and 2013 income years

  Changes to the PIE rules (Portfolio investment entities)
The Government has introduced changes to the PIE rules for non-residents and new residents.
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